Martial God Asura: The Way of the Supreme Warrior


Martial God Asura (修罗武神 / Xiu Luo Wu Shen) is a Chinese web novel written via Kindhearted Bee (善良的蜜蜂 / Shan Liang de Mi Feng). It became first published in 2016 and is presently ongoing, with over 4500 chapters launched. The novel has also been adapted into a manhua, that’s currently being serialized.

The story follows the protagonist, Chu Feng, who’s reincarnated into a world of martial arts and cultivation as a trash disciple of a small sect. However, Chu Feng is determined to interrupt through his limits and become the strongest martial artist in the international.

Protagonist – Chu Feng

Chu Feng is the protagonist of Martial God Asura. He is a complex and properly-developed man or woman who makes mistakes, however, he’s continually striving to end up a higher character. He is likewise fiercely dependable to his pals and own family, and he’s willing to do something it takes to shield them.

Chu Feng changed into reincarnated into a global of martial arts and cultivation as a trash disciple of a small sect. However, he decided to break through his limits and turn out to be the strongest martial artist inside the international.

Along the way, Chu Feng makes many effective buddies and enemies. He additionally uncovers the secrets of his beyond lifestyles and the real nature of the sector he lives in.

Martial Cultivation

Martial cultivation is the exercise of educating one’s body and mind to attain superhuman bodily and mental skills. It is regularly associated with martial arts, however, it isn’t always confined to them. Martial cultivation also can be used to expand different talents, which include recovery, divination, and sorcery.

There are many different methods of martial cultivation, but they all percentage some commonplace standards. One of the most crucial ideas is the cultivation of qi or critical electricity. Qi is believed to go with the flow via all living things, and martial cultivators discover ways to harness and manage their qi so that you can beautify their abilities.

The Asura World

The Asura World is an effective and mysterious realm that exists beyond the Nine Provinces Continent inside the world of Martial God Asura. It is the house of the Asuras, a race of effective and immortal beings who are said to be the ancestors of all martial artists.

The Asura World is an area of notable energy and danger. The Asuras are continuously fighting and competing with each other, and the area is packed with effective monsters and beasts. However, it’s also an area of great possibility. The Asura World is said to incorporate many treasures secrets and techniques that can assist martial artists in gaining their full capability.

Antagonists and Rivals

•   Chu Yun: Chu Feng’s half-brother and one of his greatest competitors. Chu Yun is a talented martial artist who’s additionally notably cruel and ruthless. He decides to defeat Chu Feng and prove that he’s the most powerful member of the Chu Clan.

   The Chu Clan: Chu Feng’s former extended family. The Chu Clan is one of the most effective clans inside the Nine Provinces Continent, but it is also very corrupt. The Chu Clan is determined to prevent Chu Feng from turning into too effective, as they see him as a risk to their authority.

•   The Asura Sect: An effective sect of Asuras who stay inside the Asura World. The Asura Sect is decided to overcome the Nine Provinces Continent and enslave the human race.

   The Demon Race: A powerful race of demons who live in the Demon Realm. The Demon Race is continuously at war with the human race, and they are continually seeking out methods to enlarge their territory and strength.

•   The Heavenly Dao: The Heavenly Dao is the embodiment of the legal guidelines of nature and the universe. It is an effective and mysterious force that is past the comprehension of mortals. The Heavenly Dao is often seen as an antagonist because it regularly works toward the pursuits of the protagonist

 Relationships and Companions

Chu Feng develops some of near relationships and partners at some point of the direction of Martial God Asura. Some of the most extraordinary ones are:

•   Anya: Chu Feng’s youth pal and love hobby. Anya is a kind and compassionate individual who is continually there for Chu Feng. She is likewise an effective martial artist in her personal proper.

   Zi Ling: Chu Feng’s first disciple and certainly one of his closest pals. Zi Ling is a skilled martial artist who’s also very dependable to Chu Feng. She is inclined to do anything it takes to guard him.

•   Xiao Yu: Chu Feng’s second disciple and one of his closest friends. Xiao Yu is a talented martial artist who is additionally very intelligent and inventive. She is usually coming up with new and innovative ways to assist Chu Feng.

•   Egg: Chu Feng’s 0.33 disciple and a mysterious creature who’s stated to be the descendant of a powerful historical god. Egg is very dependable to Chu Feng and is always there to assist him in war.

•   Demon Emperor: Chu Feng’s powerful best friend and buddy. The Demon Emperor is the ruler of the Demon Realm and one of the strongest beings within the globe. He is continually willing to help Chu Feng in instances of need.

Martial God Asura features

Here are a number of the key capabilities of Martial God Asura:

•   A complicated and well-evolved protagonist: Chu Feng is an incorrect individual who makes mistakes, but he is always striving to become a better individual. He is likewise fiercely dependable to his buddies and circle of relatives, and he’s willing to do something it takes to protect them.

•   A captivating international placing: The global Martial God Asura is a giant and complicated vicinity, with a wealthy record and subculture. It is likewise a global in which martial arts is king, and the robust rule the vulnerable.

   An exciting plot complete of motion, journey, and thriller: Chu Feng’s adventure to becoming the strongest martial artist in the world is full of demanding situations and risks. He ought to face powerful enemies, conquer reputedly not possible obstacles, and discover the secrets of his beyond.

•   Interesting issues: Martial God Asura explores some exciting topics, consisting of the character of energy, the importance of perseverance, and the strength of friendship.


Martial God Asura is a famous martial arts novel for some of motives. It capabilities a complicated and properly developed protagonist, a fascinating international setting, and an exciting plot full of motion, journey, and mystery. The novel additionally explores a number of interesting themes, inclusive of the nature of energy, the significance of perseverance, and the electricity of friendship.

If you are a fan of martial arts novels, myth, or action-journey stories, then I extraordinarily recommend finding out Martial God Asura. It is a series this is sure to keep you entertained from start to stop.

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