Whodunit: The Mystery of the Stolen Empress


The Mystery of the Stolen Empress refers to a famous manhwa (Korean comic e-book) of the same call. The tale follows Roselyn V. Sunset, the empress of the Thanatos Empire, who’s accused of treason and exiled to the snowy wastelands. There, she is rescued by way of Tamon Krasis, a diplomat from the neighboring Amor Empire.

As Roselyn recovers from her accidents, she starts offevolved to question the events that led to her downfall. She realizes that she was framed for treason by means of her personal husband, the emperor and that he can also have additionally been responsible for the deaths of her loved ones.

The Prime Suspects

The top suspects in the robbery of the empress are:

•   The emperor: The emperor has the maximum advantage from Roselyn’s downfall. He is formidable and ruthless, and he may additionally have visible her as a chance for his strength. He also had a reason to kill her loved ones, as they were capable witnesses to his crimes.

•   The empress dowager: The empress dowager is the emperor’s mom, and she is thought to be manipulative and strength-hungry. She can also be concerned about the plot to overthrow Roselyn with a view to steady her personal function of strength.

•   A faction of nobles: There is a faction of nobles in the Thanatos Empire who are sad with the emperor’s rule. They may have visible Roselyn as an opportunity to weaken the emperor’s electricity and deploy a brand new ruler who is more favorable to them.

•   A foreign energy: The Amor Empire is the Thanatos Empire’s neighbor and rival. It is possible that the Amor Empire became involved in Roselyn’s exile to be able to weaken the Thanatos Empire.

Clues and Evidence

There are some clues and pieces of evidence that propose who stole the empress.

•   The emperor’s moves: The emperor’s actions straight away following Roselyn’s exile are suspicious. He quickly remarried, and he had Roselyn’s cherished ones carried out. This indicates that he changed into eager to distance himself from Roselyn and to cast off any potential witnesses to his crimes.

•   The empress dowager’s motives: The Mystery of the Stolen Empress dowager has a number of motives to overthrow Roselyn. She is understood to be manipulative and power-hungry, and he or she might also have seen Roselyn as a chance for her very own role of strength. Additionally, the empress dowager may also be sad with Roselyn’s marriage to the emperor, as she may additionally have wanted to arrange a marriage between the emperor and a member of her own family.

•   The involvement of the Amor Empire: The Amor Empire is the Thanatos Empire’s neighbor and rival. It is viable that the Amor Empire turned involved in Roselyn’s exile so as to weaken the Thanatos Empire. For example, the Amor Empire may have provided the emperor with economic or army help in wearing out the plot.

•   The testimony of witnesses: There are some witnesses who can provide records approximately the robbery of the empress. For example, Roselyn’s maid, Lily, turned present on the night of the robbery. Lily can be able to discover the folks who have been involved in the plot. Additionally, there may be other witnesses who saw the perpetrators coming into or leaving the palace on the night time of the robbery.

•   Physical evidence: There can be bodily proof that hyperlinks the perpetrators to the theft of the empress. For instance, the emperor’s fingerprints may be found on the murder weapon. Additionally, there can be other physical proof, such as apparel fibers or footprints, that can be used to perceive the perpetrators.

Breakthroughs and Leads

Here are some capacity breakthroughs and leads that could help Roselyn find the facts behind her exile and pick out the prime suspects in the robbery of the empress:

•   Lily’s testimony: Roselyn’s maid, Lily, becomes a gift on the night time of the robbery. She can be able to offer precious information approximately the perpetrators, including their bodily appearance, apparel, and conduct. Lily will also be able to identify the direction that the perpetrators took to go into and leave the palace.

•   Other witnesses: There can be different witnesses who saw the perpetrators getting into or leaving the palace on the night of the robbery. For example, guards, servants, or even passersby might also have visible something suspicious. Roselyn could interview potential witnesses and collect their statements.

•   Physical evidence: Physical proof, inclusive of fingerprints, apparel fibers, footprints, and DNA, could also be used to identify the perpetrators. Roselyn should have the palace searched for any physical evidence that could have been left in the back by way of the perpetrators.

•   The emperor’s monetary facts: The emperor’s financial statistics should provide clues as to whether he was involved in the plot to overthrow Roselyn. For instance, if the emperor made large payments to the Amor Empire or to other individuals across the time of Roselyn’s exile, this may recommend that he became paying for their help in sorting out the plot.

•   The empress dowager’s correspondence: The empress dowager’s correspondence can also offer clues approximately her involvement in the plot to overthrow Roselyn. For instance, if the empress dowager speaks with the Amor Empire or with other individuals approximately Roselyn’s overthrow, this may propose that she becomes worried in the plot.


The manhwa Who Stole the Empress? has not yet been concluded, so the identity of the prime suspects in the theft of the empress is still unknown. However, the clues and evidence that have been offered to date endorse that the emperor, the empress dowager, a faction of nobles, or a foreign electricity can be concerned.

It is also feasible that the theft of the empress changed into a combination of those elements. For example, the emperor may also have been compelled by the empress dowager and/or a faction of nobles to overthrow Roselyn. Or, the emperor may additionally have used the Amor Empire’s assistance to perform the plot.

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