Unlocking the Mystery: A Deep Dive into the World of ‘Secret Lady’ Manhua


Secret Lady Manhua is a manga with the aid of writer Yoon Seol-Woo and artist LEE Hyeon-woo. It is a historical romance and mystery manhwa set inside the fictional Kartazen Empire. The tale follows Rozentin Argen, a younger woman who can see ghosts. She is reincarnated into the Argent circle of relatives, a family of strategists.

Rozentin is a professional swordsman and strategist, however, she hides her talents due to the fact she is fearful of being ridiculed. She also continues her capacity to peer ghosts a secret, as she is aware that it is taken into consideration as taboo in her society.

The Plot and Setting


Secret Lady Manhua Arzen was born with the capability to look at ghosts, an offense punishable by means of dying underneath imperial law. When she learns of a plot to poison the imperial family, she goes undercover as a vagabond sorcerer to save Prince Charteris Kartazen.

Prince Charteris is a controversial figure, recognized for his lavish way of life and plenty of mistresses. However, Rosentine quickly discovers that he’s also an intelligent and intelligent guy, and the two of them start to paint collectively to discover the conspiracy towards him.


The manhwa is set in a fictional imperial China, in which there may be a strict social hierarchy and the emperor has absolute power. The tale takes location by and large in the imperial palace, but additionally consists of scenes set inside the town and nation-state.

Artistry and Visual Appeal

Secret Lady Manhua is a manhua by artist Nan Ji (南极), recognized for their exact and stylish artwork fashion. The manga follows the story of a young female named Luo Xiaoxiao, who is secretly a government murderer. The tale is set in a fictional historic Chinese global, and the manhua is known for its lovely and evocative visuals.

Nan Ji’s art style is characterized by its interest in elements, especially in the characters’ garb and add-ons. The manhua additionally features lush and exact backgrounds, which assist in creating a feel of surroundings and area. Nan Ji also makes use of loads of exclusive paneling strategies to create a dynamic and visually attractive studying experience.

Themes and Messages

The Secret Lady Manhua is a complex and multi-layered story that explores a variety of themes, including:

Identity and self-discovery: The protagonist, Shizuku, is a young female who is struggling to find her area in the world. She seems like she doesn’t suit up with her peers or her circle of relatives, and she’s not certain what she desires to do with her existence. As she becomes involved with the Secret Lady’s employer, Shizuku starts to study more about herself and her own strengths. She also discovers that she’s no longer alone in her struggles and that there are different folks who are given her for who she is.

Gender roles and expectancies: The Secret Lady business enterprise is a secret society of girls who are trained to be surprisingly skilled fighters and assassins. In an international where women are frequently anticipated to be subservient to men, the Secret Lady individuals task these conventional gender roles. They are impartial, strong, and successful girls who aren’t afraid to take control of their very own lives.

Character Development

The fundamental person of the manhua Secret Lady, Rozentin Argen, undergoes widespread individual improvement throughout the story. She starts off evolving as a timid and insecure female, but she gradually turns into more confident and assertive as she learns to embrace her specific abilities and conquer the challenges she faces.

One of the most vast aspects of Rozentin’s personal improvement is her developing understanding of her personal energy. She, first of all, sees her potential to peer ghosts as a curse, but she subsequently comes to realize that it is a gift that lets her help others. She also learns to harness her electricity to be able to protect herself and the people she cares about.

Cultural and Historical Context

Secret Lady Manhua is a manga series written and illustrated by Lee So-young. It was first published in 2000 and ran for 15 volumes. The series is about the fictional Joseon dynasty and follows the tale of a younger female named Hwan-hee who is compelled to hide herself as a person who will take her brother’s location inside the royal guard.

Secret Lady Manhua became a popular manga collection in Korea and has been adapted right into a television drama and a degree play. The series has been praised for its sturdy woman characters, its ancient accuracy, and its lovely artwork.

Reception and Impact

Secret Lady Manhua is a Chinese Manhua series written and illustrated through Wu Tong. It was first serialised inside the mag Comic World in 2014 and has for the reason that been collected into 12 volumes. The series has been tailored right into a donghua (Chinese animation) collection, which premiered in 2019.

Secret Lady has been properly received by using critics and audiences alike. It has been praised for its lovely artwork, nicely advanced characters, and attractive story. The series has also been lauded for its high-quality representation of LGBTQ  characters.

Future Prospects

Future Prospects for the Secret Lady Manhua

The secret lady manhua genre is a relatively new one, having emerged in the early 2010s. It is a subgenre of shojo manga that specializes in woman protagonists who have a mystery identification, generally as a male pass-dresser. Secret female manhua regularly discovers topics of gender identity, sexuality, and self-attractiveness.

The genre has grown to be increasingly popular in recent years, with some of the hit series being posted. 

Some of the most popular mystery woman manhua titles encompass:

  • Otome Youkai Zakuro with the aid of Lily Hoshino
  • Otome Youkai Zakuro by way of Lily Hoshino
  • Princess Jellyfish with the aid of Akiko Higashimura
  • La Corda d’Oro via Maki Minami
  • Ouran School Host Club via Bisco Hator


Secret Lady Manhua is an ongoing manga series that commenced in 2022. It is written and illustrated with the aid of Yeonji. The story follows Rosentine Arzen, a young woman who was born with the capacity to look at ghosts. This capability is punishable by dying below imperial law, so Rosentine must preserve it as a mystery.

One day, Rosentine learns of a plot to poison the imperial family. She comes to a decision to go undercover as a vagabond sorcerer to keep Prince Charteris Kartazen, who guarantees to protect her own family if she solves the thriller.


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