Predatory Bride: Unveiling Dark Intentions in Matrimony


Predatory Bride is a manhwa series written and illustrated with the aid of Haewon. It was first serialized in KakaoPage on January 20, 2023, and is currently ongoing. The series has been tailored right into a webtoon, which changed into released on Naver Webtoon on February 17, 2023.

The tale of Predatory Bride follows Lucina, the illegitimate daughter of a lord who’s sold off to a cruel antique king as a bride. On the way to her wedding, she is rescued by Hakkan, the effective king of a neighboring nation. Hakkan gives Lucina a chance to emerge as his bride as an alternative, however on one circumstance: she should defeat him in a duel.

Characteristics of a Predatory Bride

Here are a number of the traits of a predatory bride:

•   She is wise and foxy. A predatory bride is aware of a way to use her intelligence and cunning to get what she wants. She is capable of managing human beings and conditions to her benefit.

•   She is bold and materialistic. A predatory bride is pushed by using ambition and materialism. She is interested in marrying a person who can provide her with the way of life she dreams.

•   She is captivating and seductive. A predatory bride knows how to use her allure and seductiveness to get what she wishes. She is able to attract and manipulate guys together with her beauty and wit.

•   She is ruthless and calculating. A predatory bride is ruthless and calculating in her pursuit of her dreams. She is not afraid to use something vital to get what she needs.

Signs and Red Flags

Here are a few signs and purple flags to appear out for in a predatory bride:

•   She is overly interested in your wealth and standing. She may additionally ask you lots of questions about your task, profits, and assets. She will also be quick to start speaking about her own financial desires and aspirations.

•   She is very manipulative and controlling. She may try to guilt-ride you into doing belongings you do not want to do, or she might also use passive-competitive conduct to get her way. She may additionally try to isolate you from your buddies and circle of relatives.

•   She may be very secretive approximately her past. She can be reluctant to speak about her preceding relationships or her family. She can also have a history of financial troubles or criminal problems.

•   She moves the connection alongside very quickly. She may also pressure you into getting married or engaged quickly, even if you do not know her thoroughly.

•   She makes you feel guilty or ashamed for now not wanting to satisfy her demands. She may additionally inform you that you’re no longer being supportive enough, or that you don’t love her sufficiently.

Case Studies

•   Case 1:

A female named Mary married a wealthy guy named John. Mary changed into very materialistic and ambitious, and she became most effectively interested in John’s cash and status. After they were given married, Mary started spending John’s money lavishly. She additionally began having affairs with other men. When John confronted Mary approximately her conduct, she threatened to divorce him and take half of his money. John became fearful of losing his cash, so he stayed married to Mary.

•   Case 2:

A lady named Sarah married a man named Mark. Sarah became very manipulative and controlling. She attempted to isolate Mark from his friends and circle of relatives. She additionally attempted to govern each thing of his existence, from what he wore to what he ate. When Mark tried to interrupt unfastened by Sarah’s manipulation, she threatened to harm herself or their children. Mark becomes afraid for his safety and the protection of his youngsters, so he stays married to Sarah.

•   Case 3:

A female named Jessica married a person named David. Jessica was very secretive about her beyond. She refused to speak approximately her preceding relationships or her circle of relatives. David later observed out that Jessica had a history of financial issues and prison troubles. Jessica had additionally been married 5 times before, and she had divorced all of her preceding husbands. David felt betrayed and lied to, but he was afraid to leave Jessica because he concept she could take his children from him.

Prevention and Intervention


•   Educate yourself and others about the signs and crimson flags of a predatory bride. This will help you to discover and avoid predatory brides.

•   Be honest and upfront about your economic scenario. Don’t try and conceal something from your associates, as this could give them leverage over you.

•   Set boundaries and persist with them. Don’t be afraid to say no to your accomplices, even though they strain you.

•   Keep your buddies and circle of relatives involved in your relationship. Don’t permit your associate to isolate you from your loved ones.

•   Trust your intestine. If you have a bad feeling approximately your companion, listen to your intuition.


•   Talk to the person approximately your issues. Be honest and supportive, and let them recognize that you are there for them.

•   Encourage them to seek assistance from a relied-on friend, member of the family, or professional.

•   Help them to expand a safety plan. This may include identifying secure locations to move, growing a code word, and having a plan for contacting emergency services.

•   If the man or woman is in an on-the-spot threat, call 911.


Predatory brides are a real and threatening danger. They are girls who use marriage to advantage energy, wealth, and standing. They are regularly manipulative and calculating, and they see marriage as a business transaction instead of a union of affection.

If you’re considering marriage, it’s vital to be aware of the signs and symptoms and purple flags of a predatory bride. It is likewise critical to defend yourself with the aid of being honest and prematurely about your financial state of affairs, placing boundaries, and retaining your buddies and family concerned in your dating.

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